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What is “public art” to you?

You decide the art in your community worth archiving. Upload geotagged photos to our map of 2K+ public artworks in a community-based approach to archival practice.

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Online since 2010, ArtAround is a nonprofit archival project which functions as a digital map & community. With thousands of artworks mapped and tagged, you can find public art by color or content, and anyone can upload new art, however they see it.

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But we can’t do any of this without your help

As a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit, ArtAround is a labor of love that relies on the generosity of our amazing community of supporters. A donation—in any amount—helps keep ArtAround online and accessible to all.

If your organization or business is interested in archiving the art in your neighborhood, become an Acquisition, Archival, or App Sponsor and bring your community’s art to the map.

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Shouldn’t public art reach the public?

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Whether it’s through donations of time, photos, or money, every little bit helps make ArtAround possible. If you have photos of public art, upload them. Have change to spare? Donate. Want to collaborate in some other way?

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Artworks pictured above: (1) Rush Hour by Zio Ziegler, Feral Child, Cannon Dill, 2012 on Market Street in San Francisco📍 (2) Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field, an exhibition by SFMoMA, 2013-14📍 (3) I am My Own Guardian by Molly Crabapple Ms.Saffaa in Brooklyn📍