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Formerly based in the San Francisco Bay Area and born in Washington, D.C., ArtAround was the brainchild of Laurenellen McCann who worked with the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities to make it a reality in 2010.

Anna Bloom joined Laurenellen as Executive Director in 2011 to expand bring ArtAround to the Bay Area. As a Code for America fellow, Anna previously worked with the cities of Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia to build mobile websites that let people discover art in those cities.

In 2014, Anna handed the reins to Lindsey Mancini, an arts accesibility activist and digital strategist who created WanderArt, a research-based public art database. Lindsey spent two years photographing and researching art in San Francisco, and she brought WanderArt’s editorial vision to the map through this active personal aggregation project, while expanding ArtAround’s reach to include the results from street art festivals all over the world. Now, ArtAround is both a community tool and a comprehensive resource for sharing and finding art in public spaces.

The project existed as a website from 2010–2013, then as a website and iOS app from 2013–2019, and for the past two years the technology that sustains it has been reimagined as an multi-nodal and interconnected database, with plans to relaunch as a responsive web platform in January 2021.

See past iterations of ArtAround in the Internet Archive: